Coachella 2011

I went to the Coachella Music Festival this weekend, and was blown away by all the sights and of course, sounds. The festival was infused with art and technology – from light shows on the main stage to dancing robots. The robots, which performed a synchronized choreographed dance number every 15 minutes, were part of The Creator’s Project, a collaboration between Intel and Vice.

I even saw a school bus with giant turning record wheels affixed on the top. But by far the most amazing was the Saturday night headliners, Arcade Fire. The show was full of energy and enthusiasm; almost everyone in the audience was on their feet feeling the music. Arcade Fire is known for pushing limits in the range of their visual performance, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. During one of the last songs, glowing inflatable balls dropped down into the audience and began pulsing colors to the beat of the music.

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