Advice for Standout CEOs: Embrace Creativity

GOOD Magazine today, in partnership with IBM, released a video, “Business in Uncertain Times.” We think it’s worth a watch!

This video is a great executive summary of IBM’s 2010 CEO Study, “Capitalizing on Complexity”—another resource we highly recommend. Our favorite take-away: 60 percent of CEOs identified creativity as the most important leadership attribute for the future.

The world today is more complex and uncertain than ever. Think back to the innocent days of just five years ago. The economy was booming, consumers were confident, sustainability was a small niche market, Facebook was for college students and Twitter was just a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye! Now businesses grapple with changing consumer values and lifestyles driven by economic uncertainty, demographic shifts and rapidly advancing technology.

Successful companies are those that challenge popular thinking, take risks and generate new ideas. This is what creativity is all about, and approaching problems creatively can help companies harness complexity and turn it into competitive advantage.

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  1. Betsey on 

    What liberating knowledge. Give me liebrty or give me death.

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